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Nov 27, 2021 - Nov 27, 2021

Master 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning | 1 DAY WORKSHOP

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This is a 2 hour workshop aimed to introduce many of the strategies that may be used to answer non-verbal reasoning questions in the 11+ exam. Non-verbal reasoning involves the ability to understand and analyse visual information and solve problems using visual reasoning. For example: identifying relationships, similarities and differences between shapes and patterns, recognising visual sequences and relationships between objects. During this workshop we will focus on activities aimed towards improving your child's visual acuity and spatial awareness. We will teach your child how to be disciplined and systematic about answering these types of questions, ensuring that they are prepared with the knowledge they need to tackle these questions in their entrance exams. Day & Time: Saturday 27 Nov 21, 10:00 - 12:00 Location: Virtual Classroom Cost: £32.00 Duration: 2 hours

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